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Bisoprolol ad hoc basis

Hi. I took propranolol to mask anxiety and help with fluctuating blood pressure and palpitations. I managed them fine on an ad hoc basis but when taken on a more continuous basis the side effects kicked in. Mostly sleep problems. A different doctor changed me over to bisoprolol 1.25mg and said I could take half the tablet as an when. Initially I was doing well but now it seems when I don't take it my missed beats are far worse. I can find no info on taking this tablet on an ad hoc basis and wonder if I've done more harm than good and now am stuck with taking them continuously. Has anyone else taken them on an ad hoc basis?

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I was offered Bisoprolol for my sinus tachycardia but told it didn't work on an ad hoc basis. Seems each Dr has a different opinion! Take care.


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