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Hi. I took propranolol to mask anxiety and help with fluctuating blood pressure and palpitations. I managed them fine on an ad hoc basis but when taken on a more continuous basis the side effects kicked in. Mostly sleep problems. A different doctor changed me over to bisoprolol 1.25mg and said I could take half the tablet as an when. Initially I was doing well but now it seems when I don't take it my missed beats are far worse. I can find no info on taking this tablet on an ad hoc basis and wonder if I've done more harm than good and now am stuck with taking them continuously. Has anyone else taken them on an ad hoc basis?

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  • Hi Philippa,

    I was initially prescribed 1.25mg bisoprolol for SVT. When the SVT episodes became more frequent my GP suggested I take a second tablet 'when needed'. I tried this but found that when I returned to one x 1.25mg tablet a day after increasing for a couple of days, the SVT increased in intensity and frequency, so I now take two x 1.25mg daily and that usually keeps the SVT in check. But, like you, I'm not sure that the ad hoc basis works. MY GP's attitude seems to be 'do what works for you', not really the kind of reassuring professional advice we might look for.

  • Hi. Thanks for that. Seems exactly the same as me. You just get caught in a spiral really and the more meds you take, the more you seem to need.

  • I have a serotonin imbalance and was suffering from anxiety attacks and fluctuating blood pressure, I know take Citalopram.

  • Just out of interest - how do you know you have a serotonin imbalance?

  • You could look the drug up on This website gives information from patients and lists reported side effects and stories. Propranolol is quite a popular subject from what I've seen on there!

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