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I would be grateful to hear from any of you if you have had a cut , while taking xarelto ( rivaroxaban)

I recently cut the tip of my index finger, luckily left hand . I went to GP then A andE and after 6 hrs the bleeding was stopped by injection of adrenaline. The delay was because they were worried about damaging nerve endings in my finger. They said they would have done the same had I been on warfarin.

I asked my GP if he had to choose would he take warfarin or rivaroxyban and he said rivaroxyban because more danger of internal bleeds with warfarin.There would be problems if you had a serious accident especially broken bones, if you are on rivaroxyban as there is no antidote.

My brother who is on warfarin just told me internal bleeds only happen if you let your blood levels get too high, so it is a difficult choice. Worrying about this has just put me into AF after 2wks of freedom.

Be careful what you think about!!!!!

Many thanks,


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