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Any advice or help,

I am a almost 59 year old female, family history of heart / strokes. Admitted into hospital via A&E Monday with sever chest pains had ECG which showed poor anterior R wave progression and some ectopics and angiogram which was all clear was discharged with some new meds with appointments to follow for 24 hour monitor and a echo. Palputations still continue and I get hot flushes and very stressed not sleeping

much which doesn't help. My job is extremely stressful should I be returning to work?

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I think its up to you and your own circumstances Pondtail4. Check with your GP first I would say, and try to change your lifestyle. Meditation/relaxation helps worry and stress, maybe take some time off to get the proper care first and work out if you need to work less hours maybe. Get advice from as many health professionals that you can before making any decision.

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