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Can a ECHO scan be incorrect

I have recently been experiencing palatations , dizzyness , chest pain , headaches and near pass out , and high pulse of 160 BPM even if I stand up , move position and walk about for 20 seconds and it's annoying so can anyone have any ideas of what that could be .

I am 16 , female , I have been to see a cardiologist and he thought it could be a arrythmia , so he sent me for ECHO , 24 hour ecg they were done 8th August and in November I went back but I seen a different cardiologist witch was a locam one and he was very obnoxious and obedient , he said my ecg was fine , and the echo showed mild LV systolic impairment , but in his words it's Probley wrong as the ECHO people said they couldn't do it Properly and the palpitations are just stress , and my heart races to 160 BPM when I walk about 10-20 seconds and I don't have stress .

Also my mum has servere LV dysfunction as we'll so don't know if it could be related and also Sunday 15th December I had a MRI cardiac monopoly or something like that done , also before the MRI went to my doc and she said exactly what the result said and the cardiologist I seen at first wrote it , so the locam was undermining his judgement. Also it said they couldn't get a proper picture of the right side not the left and she said some people are born that way , but surely if I was born I would have know from scans I had when I was a baby and older and my question is can an echo give you and incorrect result !

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Hello Multikatie,

I've experienced various types of cardiac arrhythmia since childhood, including some of the symptoms that you describe. I'm now 66 years old, male, and still here. I hope you find that encouraging.

The short answer to your question is that a 24-hour ECG is unlikely to give incorrect results but they could be inconclusive. The chances are though that your doctors are correct - cardiac problems are quite easy to detect these days. However, the very fact that at 16 years of age you need to contact this site for help suggests that you're not receiving the support that you deserve and are entitled to.

I suggest that you first do some online research. Contact the British Heart Foundation at (who are always helpful), and find the nearest centre of cardiac excellence to where you live (for me it's the North Hampshire Hospital in Basingstoke).

Then go to your hospital's web site and find the names of the cardiac specialists, choose one, and insist that your GP refers you to him/her. Remember that you have the right to be seen at any NHS hospital in the country - no matter where you live.

And as any medical professional will tell you, chest pain should never be ignored.

Good luck.


I meant the echo cardio gram and thanks for reply


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