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Low frequency hearing loss


Hi everyone, I am new to this group and Health Unlocked as well. I suffer from Susac's Syndrome which is an rare auto immune disease which attacks the very small blood vessels in the brain, retina, and inner ear and has caused me to lose my low frequency hearing. I can't find a community for Susac's on here so thought I'd post in this community to find out if anyone else suffers from low frequency hearing loss and if there is anyone on here that also suffers from Susac's like me? Be nice to not feel alone in this.

Thanks :-)

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Sorry I just have high frequency hearing loss. But there do seem to be some support groups out there, e.g.




nic_skev in reply to MarkS

Thank you Mark and I am already part of the Susac's facebook page and the other support group to and always trying to find others! Appreciate your help though thanks :-)

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