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Domes to Earmoulds

Hi all,

On Friday I'm getting some new hearing aids, my audiologist has decided I would be better with earmoulds this time rather than open fit domes that I've always had.

Never had moulds before and not sure what to expect, I'm know I'm gonna lose how discreet my aids have been but really unsure as to how they are going to feel in my ears.


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I've just been moved from domes with slots (open dome) to solid domes in one ear. I'm not very keen on it as it gives a rather artificial sound, blocking out most of the natural sound. At least it cuts out some of the feedback noise I got with the open domes which was very annoying.

I have a friend with in-ear moulds which are difficult to see as they're down the ear canal, but I think they may only be available privately.