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Tinnitus advice

Hi I have a question about Tinnitus. I was told today at my appointment I have tinnitus in my right ear and have to go to audiology to re programme my hearing aid have to wear it. I get a tapping in my ear she said was a form of tinnitus I thought it was like hissing ringing noise, can tinnitus come in different sounds? mine is like a tapping when it comes it is really annoying sometimes, I don't get it at all other times it's worse and it gets so frustrating. Also I would like to ask would a hearing aid help with this? Starting to think maybe a tinnitus support group would be worth looking into. My hearing has gone down in my right ear, just would like some advice has anyone else had this?


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I suffer with mild tinnitus in both ears, not always present but not nice when it hits. I wear two hearing aids and when I'm wearing them it does seem to make the tinnitus less prominent. Worth trying a hearing aid, if it doesn't help at least you've tried :0)


I had a similar experience. I had this hissing sound problem in my left ear and I experienced slight pain also. While researching, I read about tinnitus symptoms and came to a conclusion that I am suffering from tinnitus.Then, I took a hearing test in Toronto ( hearingsolutions.ca/service... ) and to my surprise, there was nothing very complicated. It was just an ear infection and my ears were clogged with wax. I was okay within few weeks.


Oh yes but mine is more light roar of a jet engine, a long with bomb sounds. The first time it happened I freaked out! I ran outside to find nothing. Zip. Lol I honestly thought my death was near. Glad yours isn't so disturbing. Yes aids to help the attacks. Not sure why.