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Hi, I am 53 and really struggling.

I have (I think) my cervix prolapsed. I had a hysterectomy 8 years ago leaving my cervix and ovaries.

My discomfort started about a year ago, feeling heavy and some pain. However since then I was diagnosed with gallstones in September which flared up at Christmas affecting my liver and pancreas etc I am waiting for an op to take my gallbladder out. I have visited the Dr and hospital a number of times relating to that.

My other problem is, my cervix now pokes through my vagina when I stand up, walking is really uncomfortable, sex, very uncomfortable and i feel like I need to urinate all the time, I sometimes stand up when I think I have finished weeing, only to have urine run out and down my leg. I am getting so depressed with it. My gallbladder takes precedence because that is making me ill but when I eventually get it removed, how soon after can I approach my GP to ask if he can do anything with my prolapse?

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Speak to your GP immediately, sometimes you can have multiple surgeries at the same time.

Dont suffer, it's obviously debilitating for you, you need to push for treatment. And now with coronavirus most routine surgery is postponed.

Have you considered private,? I had my gall bladder and stone removed by NHS in October (totally unexpected) and then my hysterectomy/oopherectomy privately in February, because I couldn't afford to suffer any longer both through pain, mental health and I was losing money through sickness, the relief I have now from a condition that was taking over my life, far outweighs the outstanding bill I have to pay back for surgery.

I have pet, thank you for your reply. Obviously I will wait for our health system to get back to normal but I wasn’t sure if it was the ‘done thing’ to ask for more than one procedure. It is very costly to go private, but you are 100% right, health comes before other things and it is really affecting my life considerably, I will look into it. Thank you

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