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HI, I had total hysterectomy on 15th January 2014 due to stage 4 endometriosis and adenomyosis and the Consultant said he wanted to wait a few months before putting me onto HRT. I have to see him again on 30th June when he wants a decision as to what type of HRT I want to be put on, I am now 42 years of age. All the research I've found is telling me not to go on HRT as it will feed any endometriosis that may have been left behind after surgery. Does anybody know of a Natural Remedy I can take rather than taking HRT please? Thank you in advance.

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Hi Fordie77

Wondering how your recovering now? feelin? I'm 45 had TAH, both Ovaries and appendix removed in October, I was off work for 6 months, returning to work was extremely difficult even though on a phased return, I thought I could cope it didn't happen.

I was immediately put on a combined HRT on the day of surgery, my GP isn't convinced(Hes not happy combined and wants since asap) it has been trimpled since surgery which like yourself I'd endo, but that was only found out whilst doing my hysterectomy ( which was carried out due to fibroids and I'd an ovarian cysts growing e in my bowel, with a raised ca125). . I've suffered with lots of UTI, bowel, pain since October, and now I'm under an endo specialist who's done an MRI I've adhension and still endo, need further surgery which I'm so scared of, he will then change my HRT to a more suited but all my medics are saying I need it. Positives outweighs my negative.

As for my mood, that Fluctuate, I've seen a councillor as I can't come to terms with my surgery, nor the surgery I've to face, and I get Frustrated as I'm unable to do tasks that I found easy before. My GP says its my condition he won't class me as depressed yet, and thinks it could be 12 months or longer to gt back to reality!!

I hope that your appointment on the 30th went well and he came to a decision with your gynea over HRT and what's best for you, everyone's different, and recover needs to be tailed around your personal situation.

Hope that's of some help, I've only joined the hysterectomy section today so sorry for late responds.

skt68 in reply to Tjbear

Hi tjbear, I'm just reading your post you are so like me 😀 yep serious problems with endo and likely Adeno. Upon the advise of my BSGE consultant I have agreed to have a full hysterectomy with removal of uterus, tubes, both ovaries and cervix, basically everything is knackered. 3 endometriomas in ovaries, other cysts on ovaries, these are covered in deep infiltrating endo and are stuck down here, there and everywhere, stuck to bowel, uterus they are in pod etc. I also have fibroids, stenosed cervix, double uterine septum with fibrosis. No chance what's so ever for fertility as not at all possible. I would love to hear from you, your story, how you are and some help and advice would be very much appreciated xx

Hi, I did 6 months before HRT to try and reduce risk of endo coming back after my complete clear out. I'm glad I stuck it out but my life has been totally transformed (for the better) since starting oestrogen and testosterone replacement so I would recommend you think seriously about it. There is no evidence that waiting reduces the risk of endo coming back but it was the advice of my surgeon and sometimes after a career of seeing woman after woman go through what we have been through they get a pretty good idea of what is right! The oestrogen level in HRT is much lower than the natural level so far less likely to stimulate the endo. I have always considered myself lucky - if I had breast cancer I wouldn't even get the chance to try HRT, at least with endo I can try it and if the endo comes back then I stop it again - just like being on GnRH injections again! xXx

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