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Is this Carry on the NHS Constitution?


Surely the equipment & ability to understand the evidence is key .Can it be done if directed by Remit & Contract .What if like me your symptoms are not taken as evidence when problems probably Microvascular ? Health is more of an art than a science invoLving Research from the ethically medically trained SPECIALISTS .This should be from square one .

So why is Primary sector following direction not to Test & Refer or take account of your history & genetics .Yet pretends it is .And why does online record not show true picture .It is now saying it is ok to ignore Test results by ignoring procedures or evidence from Professor saw for 30+ years or Disability found in hospital research in 1969 .Why are our health funds being used to balance the books of loans to improve aesthetics of buildings & inappropriately funded LAs .

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We need to increase the tax on petrol and cars so people stop having silly road incidents which cost Our NHS huge sums of money. It's time to STOP RISK and get that Theresa may out of number 10 Downing Street. This is the only way we will Save OUR NHS !!!


Obviously you are not mobility impaired?

I am very much mobility impaired as I cannot drive due to TBI. It is quite ridiculous, in my honest opinion, that the government is subsidising private cars and petrol while neglecting the needs of people who depend on Public Transport. Only when we completely abolish this ridiculously selfish car culture can everyone have equal and fair access to mobility which is essential in the modern world. We must all stand together and demand the restoration of our local bus services and Great British Railways. God bless you !

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