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is this my heart

I recently put a post and it was deleted?


female 32



blood pressure 95/60

pulse 77

workout 6 days a week

weight training hiit and cardio

5am workout for 45 minutes

breakfast coffee

one apple

lunch is another apple with peanut butter

dinner salad with whatever protein i have made

chest pressure

ears ringing

jaw feels uneasy

headaches at base of neck and tension


ekg stress test- normal

echo- normal

mri of brain-normal

c5-c7 compressed cervical spine

frustrated. scared i have a blockage but doctor says cholesterol is fine

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This community (Healthy Evidence) is a place for people to discuss health stories and share insights and useful sources to sort the beneficial from the bogus, the likely from the doubtful.

Your doctor would be best placed to answer your question.



If you're still worried after consulting your doctor you are entitled to seek a second opinion on the NHS, or seek private treatment.

Hope all is OK.

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Perhaps you need to eat more and exercise less?



It sounds you are overdoing it and the meals you are allowing yourself are not providing enough calories for your work outs.

Personally I am in mid sixties and take like workouts now.

Work out your calories as you need to feed the body to do extensive work outs



Well I did a ct coronary angiogram. Everything was normal. SO now im wondering if it is a pulmonary embolism. I have been upping my calories and found out Im anemic. So they did a d-dimer in january came back negative.


Perhaps the anemia is making you feel ill? Make sure you are eating enough meat/fish/eggs and green veg.


workout 6 days a week weight training hiit and cardio, with what you have said , not many cals in your diet for THIS level of exercise , absolutely agree if you have any worries contact your own medical professional.. ( who has access to your medical history) and if in doubt about his/her response by all means get a second opinion..