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Enjoyable Walk :-)

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Hi everyone,

I walked to town along the cliff-paths this morning, and had an enjoyable walk. It was lovely to see the sunshine on the sea, and the silhouettes of the trees.

Zest :-)

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Your walk into town is idyllic Zest and I know that you had a scrumptious breakfast in town, so nice one. 😊

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ZestAdministrator in reply to Jerry

Hi Jerry

Yes, the walk was even nicer knowing I was going to enjoy my breakfast out, when I got to my destination.

Zest :-)

Zest, Your photos, along with others members share, bring a bright spot to our days. Thank you.

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ZestAdministrator in reply to FlowerPreciousLover

Hi FlowerPreciousLover

I am really glad you like them. It's a pleasure to share them with you.

Zest :-)

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