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Nature photos from my walk today :-)

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Hi everyone,

Very Autumnal feel to this collage of photos, which I took this morning, here in Guernsey. Enjoyed my walk.

Zest :-)

p.s. Underneath the duck's feet are a couple of ducklings snuggling - but you can't really make them out properly in the photo, so here's a collage showing them enjoying a swim:

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Lovely photos. Blackberries are ripe very early this year.

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Zest in reply to Sazza47

Hi Sazza47

Yes, I was surprised to see some were already ripening! Very early.

Zest :-)

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Beautiful collage Zest and yes it's nearly August so the berries are coming out. Where's the year going😮

Alicia xx🌈😊🌱

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Zest in reply to Hidden

Hi Alicia,

Yes, it will be August very soon.

Zest :-) xx

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Hidden in reply to Zest

It certainly will, it's going far too fast.

Alicia xx🌈😊🚴‍♀️🚶‍♀️🌱

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