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Heathland walk

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I had a lovely walk with Lola this morning at a heathland nearby. It’s too far to walk so it’s about a ten minute car journey to get there but I thought it wouldn’t be as muddy as the woods and also would make a change.

As you can see the sky is a lovely blue and the sun was out but the picture doesn’t show just how cold it was. I didn’t warm up the whole time I was walking around but just previous to the walk we had a brief snow shower so there was an icy breeze so not surprising it was so cold.

Back home now having some soup ready to go off again this afternoon! ....happy days. Ali 🙂🚶‍♀️

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Lola looks like she is having a ball. I love colorof the sky... my lab Ribbie is still in charge of walking himself... more ice & snow starting tomorrow. Only 62 days till spring!

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Hi Ali,

Wow, great colours - I love those photos. Such a vibrant depth of blue in the sky - lovely contrast.

Zest :-)

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