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Shinrin-yoku forest bathing 🌲

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Hi everyone,

I heard some one talking about this on the radio this morning and it made me smile that they've found walking in a forest can be very healthy for us. Forest bathing is not like going for a hike or walking somewhere on a mission it is to literally bathe in the forest and focus and be mindful of what is around you as it lowers blood pressure and anxiety, so its forest therapy, the medicine of the forest.

I'd never heard of shinrin-yoku so thought I'd share it so here's a link:

The photo just so happens to be in the forest and why aren't I surprised that relaxing in woods is not only good for us physically mentally and the soul...πŸ‚ 😊 🌲

6 Replies
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I suppose it’s all about being in the moment of your environment. Lol it made me chuckle. If I sat down to seize the moment with Lola in tow she would be jumping all over me! We have a place up the road that does gong bathing. Although I haven’t been but I bet it’s relaxing. I love walking in the woods and as you say it’s great for body, soul and mind.

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Jerry in reply to Agoodenough

Thats absolutely right Ali, at least Lola gives your enormous pleasure and gives you a reason to go into the woods. 🐢

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AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Jerry

She does. She’s an angel in dogs clothing! πŸ˜‡

Yup! Dogs are wee furry angels

Hi Jerry

Walking in a forest - very nice. Forest therapy sounds really good!

Zest :-)

Thanks Jerry !

We have some lovely trees & l am going to make a sign for them... Shinrin-yoku... l like to keep the neighbors guessing

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