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Staying in the Game with Sports Medicine

Staying in the Game with Sports Medicine

What is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is the application of medical learning – such as that studied in the pursuit of a degree in chiropractic care – to the field of caring for athletes and active patients. Doctors who specialize in sports medicine may work with athletic teams, schools, gyms, hospitals and many other institutions, or may practice privately. Often, sports medicine is a specialization of another, more general degree in medicine.

Pathways to a Sports Medicine Degree

Colleges for sports medicine offer various tracks to achieve a degree. This allows students to refine the focus of their studies so that they’re best equipped for the type of work they intend to do using their certification. This can vary greatly from one student to the next, which is why this multidirectional approach is an asset to potential practitioners.

Southern California University of Health Sciences offers three pathways to a degree in sports medicine. Students can obtain their certification through the Doctor of Chiropractic Sports Medicine Track, the Doctor of Chiropractic Sports Medicine Honors Program, or through a Sports Medicine Residency. These pathways range in specialization from the first, which provides students with a basic understanding of sports medicine, to the second and more rigorous program, to the third and most intensive pathway, giving students a complete and in-depth experience with hands-on training.

Nationwide Availability

Many schools throughout America offer degrees in sports medicine. According to MyCollegeOptions, there are currently 621 schools in the United States that offer sports medicine degrees. With colleges and universities in nearly every state offering programs to suit most needs, it’s a field of study that is available and accessible to a wide variety of potential students.

Real-World Needs, Numerous Applications

Sports medicine is one field for which there will always be a need as long as athletes of every age and skill level need treatment, monitoring, advice and care. For any person who is regularly active, a doctor of sports medicine can be an indispensable part of their overall support team. Colleges for sports medicine are aware of this need and prepare students for careers in an array of locations and positions focused on maintaining the health, performance and safety of the athletes. Some of these athletes and patients may include:

Pediatric patients with sports-related injuries

High school athletes with an eye on college

College players whose rigorous training and game schedule warrants the need for frequent work with sports medical staff

Professional or Olympic-level performers, whose bodies are their livelihood and who rely heavily on their medical staff to prolong their careers

Retired or geriatric patients looking to maintain their physical fitness and prevent injury

There are hundreds of other types of patients who fall somewhere in between or outside of these categories, all looking to doctors of sports medicine to provide them with excellent healing and preventative care. With a degree from one of the many colleges and universities currently offering courses in sports medicine, prospective students can look forward to helping any and all of them.

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