Sick of this bloody headache. Although a headache is so frequent, it's like an old friend, it really is tirseome.

I'm not actually sure I can recall what it feels like to have a totally 100% clear head, pain free with clarity of thought akin to a big clear full of clarity thing.

Does anyone else now accept essentially feeling like crap as a way of life?

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  • Sometimes you can get rebound headaches from taking regular pain meds. Sometimes it can be blood pressure that causes it. I had bad heads for so long after the crash i probably would have felt something was very wrong when i didnt have one!

    I dont remember the time they went, maybe they never did just happen less frequently than before.

    Hope you find a way to fix them soon.

  • I'll say the same thing I say to everyone, if you want to treat symptoms of brain injury go for complementary and alternative medicine. Your GP will never tell you about medicine that's not mainstream, instead of disclosing all the information at their disposal to help an ailing patient they'll give you only the treatment options that the NHS recommends which DOES NOT include oxygen therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, hydrogen peroxide therapy, ozone as well as chelation. Most people believe that they're not mainsteam because they don't work or are dangerous, but the truth is they aren't mainstream medicine because they don't make money as incredible as that sounds. Don't go for quick fixes that drugs provide, educate yourself on the whole array, NHS and non-NHS of treatments available and then consider your options.

  • "Do you know what they call alternative medicine that's been proven to work? Medicine."

  • I'd add "makes money" in addition to "proven to work". There are some treatments classed as alternative not simply because they don't work but because they can't be patented as in the case of a drug, have been under researched and therefore neglected because of a lack of funding (incidentally funding is often derived from the drug companies). The mistake most people make is that their doctor knows what's best for them and that any treatment that works will be on the NHS.

  • The odds are certainly weighted in favour of big pharma with its money. I've come to the conclusion that there's not much which will shift my headaches so just making life as comfortable as possible is the best way to cope. Indian head massage is lovely.

  • What you have is a chronic condition, I recommend hyperbaric oxygen therapy this therapy is effective for chronic conditions characterised by low oxygen levels, I have read remarkable stories and there are plenty of studies backing up my claims. I wouldn't compare this type of treatment with massage or acupuncture which only aim to treat symptoms and are temporary, there's a great deal of underlying supporting science.

  • I'm not allowed Nurofen. In 2002, I had my first child. But then I didn't pee for a week. I weighed the same as I did just before she was born! We spent a week in hospital (thankfully, they let me keep her with me). I had 'nephrotic syndrome', a kidney problem. They had to put me on heavy-duty steroids. I am apparently not allowed ibuprofen, now. I know it's fine for most people, but they said in my case, I must never use it. Oh well, paracetamol is fine for me (and thankfully, I don't have headaches associated with my brain injury).

    I was very glad that that kidney problem didn't recur when I had baby number 2!

  • My initial thought is that Nurofen (ibuprofen) is not suitable for everybody.

    If you are on regular medication check to see whether or not taking ibuprofen can interact with these meds?

    Aspirin can also interfere with certain medication.

    Good luck!

  • @Baron C

    i am totally with you, i have bad pain in all my joints (something i have had prior to my brain injury)

    i am on high amounts of Fentanyl along with other drugs, i just about takes the edge off the pain

    but that's it,

    anyway the point i am trying to make is that if i woke up with no pain tomorrow, i honestly don't think i could cope (i have had this for over 25 years) so its part of me

    it would take some serious re adjustment to live with no pain, as i have adapted my life around it and accepted it as normal

  • Yep, I fully concur. It IS normal and you just arrange life around it really. Hope your own pain eases soon

  • there is a blind guy on youtube who explains what being blind is like and i find him amazing, he is so funny but thought provoking and explains how being blind is just normal to him so its no big deal, he always makes me feel better when i watch any of his videos

  • Fascinating stuff

  • The lifesaver for me was crania-sacral therapy. My chronic head pain was making me feel close to suicidal, and over the counter painkillers had about as much effect as smarties. I had a feeling CST would help, even though I knew nothing about it.

    I was lucky to find a really good CS therapist who made a huge difference. Couldn't tell you what she did exactly: it seemed like nothing much, I just lay down (clothes on!) while she hovered her hands over my head or other bits of me. Sounds completely wacky but it helped a huge amount - still have head pain (3 years after accident) but so much less intense since the treatment. I can cope with it now.

    Worth looking for this - ask your GP if they can refer you to anyone, it's worth a try anyway! Acupuncture helped a bit too. Back in the world of pharma, my Neurologist also prescribed Gabapentin for chronic pain - it seems to help control it. Best of luck.

  • hope your heads not too bad today . i fight every day with my brain to say not today .sometimes it goes if i take paracetomol other times like tdy its staying. i was tkn to hospital last week in agony .dr gave me anertrypline tablets which stppd the headache frm realy hurting. which was good but aftr a few days i was so tired frm the made decision to try n live with the pains . sme days its ok others its awful . i hope u cn find some srt of relief .

  • Hi BaronC befofe you try all the abive...are you drinking enough fluids? if you are dehydrated you can make your headaches worse. yorr brain needs water just as much as your body. i drink about 6-7 mugs of peppermint tea a day, cant smell or taste anything so it doesnt bother me, and its decaffinated. coffee will dehydrate you (cant remember why?)

    i also go for accupunture every 4 weeks which has saved my life (not on the NHS)

    Best wishes

  • Bless you, thanks for that. Hope you're ok today

  • yes i frgt bout the drinking i gtta try n try n drink a lot of fluids to keep brain frm was spossed to be 2 /3 litres of water a day.i ave squash as dnt do water.and i cldnt manage tht much . now i gt 3 medium bottles i fill evry am .n i try n drnk at least 2. it def mkes my headache a lot better.only if im ok sme days i frgt to drink it and the headache comes bk awful,by the next day. only ad 1 bttle tdy so gnna go n gt anthr one.take care hope u ave a headache free day soon.

  • dont know if it would help you but my daughter has been put on a drug called topirimate for her headaches. its an epilepsy drug and has nasty side effects when you start it but her life was being destroyed by the constant pain after her head injury, she lived with it for nearly 3 yrs before the gp suggested topitimate and it has changed her life, she now gets a headache about once every 2 weeks instead of most days. good luck x

  • Hi, my son has a brain injury and like all people with an acquired brain injury he has a weakened diaghram so oxygen is not being pumped around his bogy appropriately. His brain is also more vulnerable and needs more oxygen than most which it isn't getting. We have started a therapy (not on the NHS) called the Scotson Technique where you do exercises every day to get the diaghram working thus getting oxygen to all the right places. They also have hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We have only done it for 4 months so I cannot comment too much but have seen improvements in my sons physical movement and his speech has improved. Since this therapy gets the oxygen to the brain it may help headaches. If your interested then the website address is

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