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my brother has an aquired brain injury. He got a job working in a charity shop. He is talkative, moreso now after the accident.. The thing is while working there a couple (man and wife) were also there. My son talked to the wife alot and others,. Then one day the womans husband complained about him and he was told not to talk to the woman. He lost his temper with the manager and walked out. I felt so sorry for him as this was giving him something to get up for in the morning. I mean they knew he had a brain injury....I feel he should have been able to keep his job as he cant help the way he is now. He was just being friendly!!!! And very annoyed with these people that cant see that he is not as he once was. Because he hasnt got aquired brain injury tattooed on his head you cant tell, Some people make me so angry!!!

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Sorry to hear about your brother, this doesn't come as a suprise to me though. Those people ought to feel ashamed, especially since they knew about his injury. I'm sure he was just trying to establish his own identity and feel part of the world again. Your brother needs to get better, he can't allow this to stop his recovery, that's far more important than the misguided thoughts of the ignorant masses.


Well said AnthonyM! I totally agree, your brother should have kept his job, and the ignorant and obviously jealously possessive husband should grown up ! I totally identify with your brother, I too have always been chatty - but am even more so since my brain injury. To me I am being friendly - but to others I am sure I am just a pain in the backside - but I just get lost in conversation! I enjoy talking and listening to people and really don't realize how much of their time I am taking up! Some people dont' seem to mind, but my partner assures me others do!! I hope your brother finds another worth while pass time and I hope he makes so kind of reasonable recovery - and well done you for being there and being so protective and caring for him!

At a Headway meeting we once talked about how people can't always see you have an ABI (as we haven't got tattoos saying so!!) so they don't realize we are actually ill. This is true. I use a wheelchair so there is some clue there that all is not well, but sometimes, tbh, people being able to see that 'all is not well'' can be a bad thing - some times I don't want to be treated like I am 'special' sometime I want to be treated just like everyone else!!! But the minit you tell someone you have a brain injury - then they treat you like duuurrrrrrrrrrrr thickoooo!!! Yup - they do!!!! Not everyone is so callus and ignorant - but many sadly are. People in general really do need educating about the effects of brain injury!!


i can relate to what you have said there missT as i am in the same position, also when i use my electric wheelchair people change how they treat you again.


sounds sexist as well, so is he not to talk to women, discrimination


It's a disgrace that he lost his job for being friendly but I am not surprised.

I had a bit of a personality change after my op, it left me very short tempered and easily irritated for about 6 months, then I started to get back to my old self again.

Your brother should not let this setback affect him too much. It's easy to say, I know but he is better than the people who lack the undrestanding of what he has gone through.

There are other jobs out there and he will get one that suits him perfectly, with an understanding boss.


Thanks for your reply Mikesghost, glenn still has a bad temper and ive heard of cognitive thereapy (think thats what its called).not sure if suitable for him though. Do you know anything about this treatment? he went to anger management but this isnt really any good when its a brain injury. He's keeping himself busy at the moment and joined virgin health club, which he has a support worker go with him. Going to try and help him get other work that wont be too taxing for him. He doels need help with his temper though, apart from the above do you know of anywhere else he could get some help for this, Thanking you in advance, Carol


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