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six years today A journey

Its six years today since I had that knock on the door, all parents and loved onces nightmare.

The Royal marine and a vicar stood there to tell me my son was involved in a accident in Afghanistan and he would not be coming home. Well six years on, here he is the sunshine of my life, what a journey he, we have all had. He was 18 at the time now he is 24, he does not remember his passed life that well, which is a great shame as all that training he did he only remembers little bits and bobs, but he has a new life and lots to look forward to, The journey he has had is the hardest journey anyone could do, re-learning everything again. The hardest being: outburst, anger, the acceptence, the frustrations and everything eles that comes with a brain injury are all get better day by day, the out burst have eased now but it has taken 6 long years to get to the stage he is, which is a miricle. So today is a very speacial day in our family, the day Tom's new life began, we will go out for a meal along with his family and his girlfriend. A new life worth celebrating each and every year. Big hugs to my wonderful son x

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Here's to a very happy special day today and everyday ,For your incredible son and his fabulous family. Huge hugs to you all.


gee indeed you should as we all should be that your son did what he loved in the seervice of others life issues cruel blows at times but your son did something we all didn't have the guts to do he is still here capable of giving hugs , loving and being a well respected membber of society my inspiration over the past 5 years has been col chris packer and of course all the paralympians have a wonerful christmas togewther and may 2013 bring you all a better 12 months



I 'celebrate' my anniversary every year by taking the day off work, and going through to the 'rehab' unit I 'woke up' in. I was awake before then, but I have no memory at all of anything before I'd been in the rehab unit a few months. It is lovely, going there for my anniversary. The medical staff and admin staff all know me, and one lovely lady said that next year, as it's a Saturday, she won't be at work, but she'd love to meet my daughters (who were only a toddler and a baby, when I was in there), so she'll come in anyway, if I remind her first.

It's worth celebrating - not what happened, of course, but just the fact that he survived.


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