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Sleeping 💤

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I am waking up at 4am every morning. I am following advice and I don’t have trouble getting to sleep but I do have trouble staying asleep for more than 4.5 hours. I just wanted some advice and to see if this is a general problem after a head trauma.


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Hello Paul, and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of your injury. I'm afraid that sleep problems do often follow a brain injury.

I have trouble getting to sleep initially. Hopefully someone will come back to you on the waking thing.

The only thing on the advice front I can offer, is that if I manage my fatigue well, I definitely have less sleeplessness, if that helps?

Thank you for your advice x

Hi Paul, welcome. As Painting-girl says sleep is often a problem after injury. Talk to your rehab team about this, they maybe able to help?

The main thing is to listen to your body, if you need to sleep at other times, then go with it. Brain injuries tend to knock your natural body clock (circadian clock) out of sinc.

I would avoid sleeping tablets, even the so called natural homeopathic remedies, they may help for a short time, but they can make things worse in the long run, plus you feel hungover, and the quality of sleep is poor.

You could try black out curtains to prevent the morning light reaching you, and on waking, if this works, make sure you have a good ½hr in the light from the time you should be awake. This might reset your body clock?

I know how difficult this is, I had real problems in the early days, even attending a sleep clinic (best nights sleep I had for months), didn't change anything at home.

Hope things improve.

Thanks for your advice and support

Hi Paul, I've had sleep problems from my head injury last December. It's extremely frustrating! My doctor prescribed Melatonin of which I take 4mg per night. It doesn't put you to sleep but it helps me stay asleep and a better quality of sleep. I get about 6 hours a night which is a huge improvement. It is also not addictive like traditional sleeping tablets. I'm told it doesn't work for everyone but it is def helping me. Maybe worth asking your GP. Good luck :-)

Thanks for your advice I will ask my gp a number of people have mentioned melatonin. My doctor prescribed zopiclone which is’s recommended only to take 2/3 nights a week but I’m apprehensive about taking it because if it’s a long term problem I don’t want to rely on it.

Thanks again


Hi, just wondering if you might try the sleep hygiene routines? I'm just thinking it might be a part of the problem- going to bed earlier and at the same time every night....? Plus, at the moment we have such bright mornings so I sleep with earplugs and eye mask.Good luck!

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Thanks but I am following sleep hygiene,I don’t have a problem getting off to sleep at generally the same time but I always wake up 4 hours later.

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Sure. I'm just wondering if by going to bed earlier you might break the pattern. Ie going to bed at 10 might actually mean that you sleep longer🤞🙏

Oh I see, I’ll give it a try Thanks 🙏

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I got to the stage where I was able to recall how my children used to be.... Overtired isn't the best way to get good sleep.

Since my brain bleed I only sleep in 3 hour blocks. I long for nights where I can sleep longer then 3 hours. I do go back to sleep though it’s frustrating that I have to wake in the first place. I have tried multiple approach’s to gain more sleep though haven’t found one which works. I can be beyond tired and still only manage three hours. I know I can’t offer help though it’s always nice to know you not alone with the symptoms.. 😊

Thank you and yes it’s very frustrating!

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