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Cardiac Arrest and Hypoxia


I just came across your website as I was researching on hypoxia. My name is Victor from Kenya, Africa.

My younger brother (32 yrs old) collapsed(cardiac arrest) on 10th Jan 2020 in Dubai and was rushed to hospital. He has been in ICU since then. We learned that he was out of oxygen for about 20 minutes before the ambulance picked him and the doctors spent about 40 minutes trying to get a pulse from him.

Therefore he got hypoxia(not sure of the severity).

The last 3 days he has shown great improvement and has been off the ventilator for 24 hours now. His consciousness level is still below per but better than before(from 5% to 10%).

I just felt I needed to share with people who understands. I know this is lifechanging and I want to learn as much as I can in terms of after care.

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I just want to wish you and your brother the best. I will say a prayer for you both.

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Thank you very much Marnie.

Hello Victor and welcome. It's good to hear your brother is showing signs of progress. Of course significant improvement is invariably a slow process after brain injury of any type, and most of us here have some residual issues.

But positive and surprising things can happen, literally overnight, so stay hopeful and don't be surprised by occasional low points whilst your brother's brain starts figuring out the best available recovery options.

A poorly brain having to fix itself is quite a challenge, but most people here are living proof of its amazing ability !

Please keep us updated on further progress.

Best wishes, Cat...

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Thank you for the welcome Cat. I am hopeful to gain information here and wherever I can so as to kinda cope in the good,bad and ugly seasons. Your encouragement is highly appreciated. I will surely keep posting updates along the way.

Hello Victor

My husband has had an Hypoxic brain injury August 18.

We are in the UK.

The medical staff can not really predict the outcome at this stage as every injury is different. Only time will tell.

Keep talking to your brother. Hopefully he will find a familiar voice soothing.

Look for the website Headway. They have a lot of information you can download.

Good luck to you both.

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Hello Lynd

Thanks for the kind words. Yes, the doctors said its gonna be a journey. Actually, the talking has been helpful. His Wife and Dad are there with him and he recognizes them though subtly. He had a voice message from his kids played to him and he teared even though he was not fully concious.

So sorry to hear that. Do stay on this forum, I have found the people on it to be tremendously supportive. X

Thank you FlowerPower. I do intend to be in this forum for quite a while. There is so much to learn.

My husband suffered a cardiac arrest 3years ago.He was at work when it happened and don't know how long before he was found and CPR started by workmates.Had to be defibrillatored by ambulance men to restart his heart.Rushed to hospital where he had a stent put in.3weeks in a coma in I CU where we were told to expect the worse.Luckily he had been a very fit 54 year old before and spent 5months in rehab after he came off the ventilator.He has hypoxic brain injury and doesn't remember anything from before his accident.I have up work to be his carer.3years later he is making new memories.Cannot read or write now but his memory for music and bands is very good.One of his nurses when he was in rehab said wasn't sure what they could do for him when first met him but now says he's the best recovered hypoxic brain injury she has worked with.When I look back at my diary from then,I never would have thought we would get to this stage.It's early days for your brother but stay strong.Sending you both hugs and best wishes.x

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This is quite encouraging to hear Alb. I am hopeful that he will be better as time goes by. What kind of rehab are we talking about. Is it the same rehab for addicts and whatnot or a special rehab for recovering patients?

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No my husband was on the rehab ward in the hospital for brain and stroke/physical disabilities.x

Hi so sorry to hear of your brothers health challenges my son was on ventilator and sounds like he was reacting in similar ways. Just so you are aware... People can become quite distressed as they lower the medication to bring him into more conscious state. My son was very disturbed for 24hours which was extremely difficult to see however is quite normal and after that day he started to slowly respond more and more to me. As people have said keep talking and playing anything familiar. It is a challenging journey you are all facing however the changes it has made to our family have been really positive and my son is now home after 6months with rehab so keep trusting and believing your brother can recover.

I will say prayers too. Wishing you all the very best x Ley

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Hello Ley, its great to hear your son is getting better. For sure this is life changing for the entire family. Hoping and praying for the best.

Hi Victor. My husband suffered a cardiac arrest at home nearly 3 years ago aged 56 and received CPR for 45mins until they found a pulse. He was put into an induced coma but when the hospital started reducing the medication he started having seizures. He was in a coma for nearly 3 weeks and each day we were told to prepare for the worst. But miracles do happen as he came out of his coma and recognised everyone. He had a lot of memory and cognitive issues to begin with, and had toblearn to walk again, but has come on leaps and bounds since then. He was in hospital for over 3 months but has been home since and continues to make progress, albeit at a very slow pace. He will never get back to where he was but is grateful to be alive enjoying spending time with his grandson who was born whilst he was in hospital, and pottering in the garden, etc. He now suffers epilepsy and will be on lots of meds for life for that and for his heart but can do a lot of things for himself now, independently.

I found this website when he was in a coma and found it to be a great comfort reading other people's stories. I realise that doctors try to prepare you for bad news, but where brain injuries are concerned, I now feel they are really only guessing.

I wish your brother all the best, never give up hope xx

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Hi Melred, this is quite encouraging. My brother also had the seizures when he got out of the induced coma. Thanks for sharing,really helps.


My husband had hypoxic tbi too no pulse till 35-40 mins . Have a look at my posts to give you more insight into first few weeks to months.

To put it bluntly it's a tough road and don't give up . Brain needs to shut down and slowly reboot . Took 5-6 months before my hubby could track us with his eyes . And 8 months before he snapped out of Glasgow scale 3 . He also had a lot of physical issues breathing, seizures , high BP, shakes trauma and + lots more .

But I'm pleased to say he's mentally 99% him ( personality , cognition, higher order thinking skills , humour etc ) and I'm thankful he's back although we are still physically challenged so still very dependent on wheelchair / carers

Just do all the senses therapy ( audio, smell, taste, touch , ) bedside and hel soon wake up when his brain has re routed to come back to you all. Best wishes and prayers for you all.

Hi Lemon trees,

I appreciate for reaching out and sharing. I will definitely check out your posts on the same. Thanks for the encouragement.

Hello Provicky

I thought you might like to hear from a cardiac arrest and hypoxic brain injury survivor. My cardiac arrest was in Sept 2017 and it has been life changing for me and my family. I can't remember the month after it happened at all and I have been told this is probably a good thing. I want to say that for the first two weeks it was touch and go for me, on a life support machine and in a coma. But I only tell you this to show that despite the fact that it may look really bad for your brother now, it does and can get better.

It will be slow and I am still 'recovering' nearly two and a half years afterwards. My brain was without oxygen for 15 minutes so your brother may encounter similar problems that I have had. Try not to look to much into the future, take each day as it comes and be thankful that he is still here.

The love and support of my family and friends has been invaluable and have helped me to regain much of what of could of been lost. Just think you are just at the beginning of his recovery and it will can get so much better. xx

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