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How does technology help you after brain injury? And what would you like it to do?

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Whether it’s a simple calendar app that aids your memory, a smart speaker that you use to set reminders, or voice recognition software that helps you to communicate, we’d like to hear how you use technology to support you in the home or out and about.

Also, do you have any ideas for new technology you'd like to see to support you after brain injury?

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My iPad is the most invaluable piece of technology I own along with my cars sat nav. The iPad for the calendar which sets reminders, messenger (so I can remind myself of things I have agreed to do but most importantly TomTom. It is not infallible for finding places but if I get totally stressed out I can always press the home button to get back to my safe place

Likewise the iPad which I use calendars/reminders and notes so I know where and when I should be, and what I should be doing/done!

Google reminders has made an amazing difference in my ability to function in a daily basis. To be able to just speak to my phone and say, "OK Google, remind me at 2pm tomorrow to..." helps me not lose track of things that would otherwise just disappear from my mind. Additionally, to not have to keep a note pad and pen handy and then take the initiative to write something down that I hope I remember to look at it makes it a wonderful tool for me.

At work, it's Outlook and a white board next to my computer.

I love to read books, but lost the ability to read well with my injury due to the impact on my visual processing areas. A friend suggested Audible and I fell in love...with audio books, not with the friend... 😉. I listen to audio books every day now. I can retain what I hear much better than what I read so I can again enjoy "reading".

Although technology can be handy, I don’t fully trust technology.

I shall admit that I do use technology for some things like setting my alarm and setting reminders but the growth of technology is getting bigger and bigger and the public are getting lazier and lazier.

I mean, Alexa... there is one fine example of pure laziness.

How many times have I seen a kid on the bus being entertained by an episode of Peppa Pig on their mum or dad’s phone... a lot.

If you have ever seen the films ‘The Terminator’ you’ll probably get what I’m talking about.

It’s only an amount of time until technology takes over.

Humanity, watch out.

Alarms and reminders to eat take medication and if you use your diary part of the smart phone it will remind of appointments. App's added will read text messages and will scan letters and read them to you. It also has an app called ice (incase of emergency ) will give details of your medication doctors you see and lots more.

Hi all,

Good question and interesting subject.

During my wife's rehab the physio team used the tracker function on a smart phone while she was learning to walk alone around the large grounds of the care home.

My wife who has memory impairment from an ABI, uses the camera on a smart phone to take pictures everyday of what's happend as it saves it in time and date order to allow an accurate record as a technique to look back on, although it doesn't replace a diary its an essential resource for us as writing a diary is proving problematic.

We have also experienced a down side to learning a new system or technology. When something doesn't happen the way it should it can trigger an aggressive outbursts in some cases, leading to a resistance to embrace or try something new. The design and function of the user interface is crucial in this instance to minise such frustrations.

Looking forward to hearing other comments.


Would you like me write a essay :p

Speech texter andriod app

Dragon natually speaking

Mavis beacon teaches typing

Bixby andriod app

Galaxy note 9 phone with pen input

Google lens

Talk back voice assiance

I have widgets and folders glory on my home screen for easy access and checking for my email, calander, alarms

I have different ring tones set for different people so i know whos texting or calling

I have my screen saver on my laptop and pc set to change based on what picture folder i set it to so it rotates my pictures

Im looking into internet of smart things or iot i dont trust alexa home dot but may get a google one

I have so many hdmi cables coming out my tv for my pc/laptop/now tv and freeview

I have all the player apps linked up to remind me when certain shows are updated

My phone and laptop and pc are all linked up via one drive

I have the new nhs app installed so i can book appointments or order my medications

I have a ton of travel apps for bus, taxis and trains

I have get a pre paid via a app travel west card that i can up date one like so i dont have to faff around using cash or my card

I pre pay via a app for my hire car as i am part of several car clubs for work and lesuire

I have my banking app installed so i can check how much cash i have

My bank did do this feature where they gave you a calendar which told you what days bills came out on

My gp/chemist sents me text alerts for appointments

I have a scan/printer combo linked to my laptop/pc/phone so i can print anythink wireless

I have a ton of radio and music player apps installed depending on what mood im in

I have a ton of playlists on my personal youtube channel as i forget what song i like

I have office 365 suit installed on all devices and i request that everyone sent me forms in pdf so i can answer the queations in my dictophone app then copy and paste it into the pdf

Im looking to getting a ergonomic keyboard and mouse for my laptop

In terms of driving i hate using sat navs as they always make me jump i dont like cars that drive amd park them selves i am very much a old fashioned driver give me road signs and a paper map any day but because i can only afford to drive once a month i start off stuggling but once i get going im fine i will only drive ford fiests as i dont like getting using to these new hybrid cars the van in work is horrible

Ive got flasks glory for my hot and cold drinks

Im in the process of getting new kitchen wear as my neighbour gave me a ton of recepie books that im eager to try and its helping me learn new lanuages

I use stich counter apps for knitting and pattern books

I have insurance on my phone as im forever dropping it

I have shopping apps and cooking apps on my phone like asda, primark, boots ect

I have family tree apps to help me discover my history

I have librarywest app so i can order books and get notified when i should return them or extend them

I have only just learn how to program my washing machine and room temp control

I have a nicer dicer from jml to help me with cutting fruit and veg but havr to put my full weight on it to get it to cut were im that "weak"

I would like a digital cupboard list on each cupboard door, a robot to hang my washing on the line, a robot to tidy and cook food for me, if i could mod my flat i would install a toliet that auto flushes, lights that automatically come on and off, a weather meter to tell me when the best time to do gardening is or to remind me to water the plants and to tell me when the sun is setting and rising, a automatic tea, coffee and food dispenser like on star trek a washing machine/dryer and a dishwasher machine, door bell webcam so i can see whos knocked

i would like a virtual reality headset so i can attend concerts without leaving the house

a nail printer from japan to paint my nails

I would like a car style washing thingy but for humans in my wet room

All of these are available but i cant mod my flat or afford to if i could :-(

I have a period tracker app

Here are some articles if anyone wants some bed time reading and ideas

I'm rubbish... :(

I'm okay if i've learnt to use something which has to be repeated over and over till i've learnt then i'm good to go.. ....i have laptop and crome book which i'm confident now using...but has took while...

i lost out on many useful and interesting jobs caus fear of tech and using different software or computers ,phones etc fears of looking silly and not picking it up remembering quickly how to use them has held me back since bi.....

My carer has told me to use a planner but I'm always losing my phone, keys, cash card, then I get angry, I shower instead of having a bath because I forget I've left the bath running and get easily distracted

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I use alexa for shopping lists when i notice i have run out of things in the kitchen. Its been invaluable for setting timers for everything as i cannot multitask at all.

I have a note 9 and use the calendars and pen on that to write notes or things i see or want to remember on that as well as every appointment or daily plans and i take photos of everywhere i go so i have visual reminders of everything. Use it as sat nav and everything to be fair

I also have bose qc30 headphones and they have been a lifesaver in cancelling out levels of background noise to help my fatigue levels and concentration

With out my smartphone I would be lost I just press the micro phone and say what it is I am wanting to spell so I don’t get things messed up plus the calendar is a saver as well as the reminders

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