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Anyone else get seriously competitive


I’ve noticed one woman at BI group I go to absolutely HATES even the thought of losing at anything. She is one of nicest women gets on with everyone has a go at anything. We have had a few quizzes this year and this woman takes it so serious and likes to pick her own team to make sure she will win and will get verbally abusive swearing at anyone who disagrees with her. It is funny for everyone else but she looks so annoyed at times then afterwards will laugh it off.

Last month we had a quiz and man who runs group deliberately split the woman and man she always wants in her team to wind her up then accused her team of cheating even tho it wasn’t possible just to wind her up. I encouraged it and thought man mite tell me to let woman calm down rather than winding her up but he didn’t say anything. Then yesterday did another quiz I was actually in this woman’s team and I am competitive but saw it as I couldn’t really lose as if we did lose the woman would go mad so would have a laugh with that. As there had been nothing to wind her up so man who runs group came round saying our team would be disqualified for getting answer from our phones which none of us had he was obviously joking but it worked the woman got up argiung and swearing was funny can’t describe it funny on here. I would normally have argued at being accused of cheating when we hadn’t but I just sat and watched her reaction and knew man was joking for the reaction.

Next week I’m doing a Christmas quiz with the group and expecting it to be a laugh as I like winding people up like man who runs group. There’s already been arguments over teams we don’t even know who will be there yet so TIL the day wont know the teams but the woman will likely be there. There is going to be 3 teams rather than usual 2 which has wound her up. Also she’s said even tho it’s me doing the quiz I can’t pick the teams. So before we start it should be a laugh.

Funny thing is she enjoys going and laughs it off afterwards so it’s fun for everyone. But at time she genuinely looks like she’s fuming.

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The question is why does it bother you?

I'm just wondering??? appears to? :)

This sounds really mad.

Who ever is running this sounds unprofessional, as you should try and ensure you are not triggering someones symptoms, so that things run as smoothly as possible.

What you don't do is create a situation where someone is being laughed at, if I was there you'd have to factor in some more anger.

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