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Testing the waters. 7 months post anoxic BI / 2wk induced coma / Miracle story


Well im bringing Russ home from rehab for 4 nights next week to "test the waters". They say he still needs 24 hr supervision due to impulsive decisions. I spend many hours with him and i agree a little but i need to see how he does around the house. I just cant provide 24/7. I have the week off and lots of ideas.

We could use all the prayers we can get.


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Praying for you . Such good news . Keep us informed. X

Praying for you both just try to take small steps, are you being provided with health care? as you can’t be expecting to cope on your own . Love and Prayers Liz xx🌹🙏

Angelia1234 in reply to 1949liz

Its only 4 nights for now. When he was initially sent home in aug, the hospital really did no follow up but put it all in my lap. He is much stronger now and the nursing home is helping a lot reasearching in home help. Its the insurance that worries me. If coverage changes, so may the programs in place.

Yea they said I can take Tony home too but he still needs to at least get back to walking and talking first!!! How exciting how has it been so far I need details message me much love xx

It went well. Didnt use a wheel chair at all only his walker! If he struggled, we found a way around it. My main concern is his bull headed side that will feel he can do anything when no ones looking. One day at a time

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