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Russ is home after 4 months following possible anoxic brain injury and varying levels of consciousness


Well he's home. Gonna be a lot of work. One day at a time. Just 2-3 months after being asked to consider basically ending his life, He is home. Laughing with the kids, planning his goals (a little unrealistic but focus), loving on the dogs.

Patience, persistence, positivity


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Wowwwww so happy to hear this. Wish you all luck.

Thank you. I keep waiting to hear some good from you about Tony too!

So far just wish I had something. Nothing new aside from him having Cdiff again 😔 but were so happy for you guys. ♥️

Im sorry , but everbody is different. Tony may just need more time. Im gonna pray hard that you get some progress very soon. If you havent yet, try getting him to wrap his arms around for a hug, even if a friend will help him if need. Reach him with love and affection!! Xoxo

No friends just us. But he has listened to me when I tell him to hug me and move his hands he can do that. It's just him desperately trying to talk but still has a trach it's so stressful

Can you read his lips at all? Thats great hes trying to talk!!! Work with that.

😔No. I've been trying to

Its ok, just encourage him when he tries. I think i read russ' a couple times, like an i love you or yes, but usually couldnt either. Just keep praying and being creative in reaching him! Maybe God is healing his body more so when he awakes more he wont be in as much pain. Thats how i feel with Russ especially now seeing his frustration with his physical limits (temporary 🙏)

I keep thinking about you guys

P.P.P. !! Yes Angelia, you'll need all three, especially if you're working too. But your man has surprised you at every stage with his amazing progress so perhaps his goals aren't all that unrealistic ? I hope not m'dear.

It'll take a while to adapt to this new and, no doubt, challenging situation, so take it one day at a time and please try to give yourself breaks whenever possible. Fatigue from the physical & emotional stimulus can creep up unexpectedly.

Sending loads of best wishes to you both at this really important time in both your lives...…… Love Cat x

Angelia1234 in reply to cat3

Yes fatigue lol. Day 1, i need a nap.

Loads of Blessings and Love wonderful news God Bless Liz xx🙏

Taking one day at a time sounds like a plan. Wishing you progress and a full recovery. 🙏

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