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Coma now for a week


Advice brother has had surgery for serious brain bleeds and is now on a ventilator to give time for healing before the medical team try to take him off sedation. They have said that once he is off sedation we should know after approx 24 hours if he can communicate with us...I feel it is too short a time from what I have been reading...this is a top hospital and whilst I feel they are the experts I just feel we need more time...they have been asking family what sort of disability he would find acceptable...any advice, positive stories welcome.....

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Hi SJR. The consultant and his team will have been assessing your brother's condition by examining his scans together with the surgeon, and obviously believes that reducing sedation and testing your brother's reactions is the best course of action. I believe it's usual practice to accommodate some freedom of movement after brain surgery in order to observe & monitor responses, though this can be reversed if it proves stressful for the patient.

It's such a difficult time for family but, for the highly skilled neuro specialists treating him, this will be a regular procedure using high tech equipment and with an excellent success rate.

Put your trust in them ; your brother is in the best possible hands.

Please keep us updated won't you. Brain issues are complex and progress can be painfully slow, but all best wishes for the best possible outcome. Cat x

My advice is do your research, watch your brother for any signs and dont let the drs push you into quick decisions. Just from my experience the drs can give up quick and again in my case, they were wrong. They looked for a hand squeeze and wrote my hubby off when he didnt do it. He didnt squeeze their hand for 6-8 weeks but he communicated in other ways. Im just saying your family has to be prepared and ready to make decisions but dont be pressured. Ill pray for your brother.


They did reduce sedation 3x before my hubby stopped seizing. They want the shortest coma possible. If its stressful they will put him back under, just like cat said.

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