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WHY should people with TBI and other disabilities be expected to drive cars?


In The Philippines it is quite OK to have a Brain Injury and be a bit confused about life. When I am out alone people look after me. Jeepney drivers are especially helpful.

In any civilised country like The Philippines there are public jeepneys, tricycles, buses, trams, boats and Philippine National Railways trains. It is affordable so disabled people do not need to drive cars. Most importantly in The Philippines there is family to look after you unlike in the UK as my family left. Getting help is very difficult. The Citizens Advice Bureau in Bournemouth do not reply to my emails, why not?

It seems that in the UK everyone expects you to look out for yourself, quite a hostile environment, especially if you want to and need to bring your family here from The Philippines as there is nobody here to look after me.

Driving is dangerous even if you have expert driving skills but with a disability it is much more dangerous. I nearly had a huge motorway incident but luckily the other drivers moved out of the way. Seriously why do we not have a proper public bus service? Why doesn't the NHS have proper bus officers in every GP surgery and hospital to ensure people can travel? Why does everyone expect you have got a car and can drive? This UK philosophy that "everyone has a car" is completely MAD and I am not mad. I am the person at the bus stop. It is a long wait and with TBI nobody takes me seriously but I hope a new government will bring back our buses as we really need a good bus service.

Good luck to all people living with TBI it is very, very hostile in the UK at the moment.

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