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I don't know


I think I have schizophrenia but I have been told it’s boarder line personality disorder because I was on medication and because I don’t hear or see things it’s B.P.D however there is a fact sheet that says Someone with a head injury is at risk of developing it.

I did once use to see things that were not there when i was young like 15 to the age of 29 now i am coming up to 42 i dont see or hear things any more its just paranoia, not believing people.

I am going to be brutality honest here and over the years things have got worse my personal hygiene is some what poor.

I will avoid leaving the house unless i am with someone, social withdrawal is another one i tend to lock my self away sitting away from my family.

I have tried getting my self out the house but feel its too much i have lost the enjoyment in things i use to like doing cooking cleaning even gardening and bike riding.

When i have been asked what or how i am feeling its as if they dont listen to what i am telling them because i dont fit all the right answers as to what they asked me. I am unmedicated so the paranoia is worse and the way i have been thinking is some what odd as to how the world around me isnt real, someone else is controlling me; i know this sounds odd.

I find it hard talking to people even my own partner, she thinks i dont care about things but its not that at all, i feel as though those around me are taking the Mickey to make my life as hard as possible

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