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So today kev has been detained under the mental health act and will be transferred to a psychiatric hospital for assessment. His violence and aggression was too much for the rehab centre to deal with. They say the new bleed isn’t the cause for the change of behaviour due to the location.

I haven’t got a clue what is happening and suffered a major anxiety attack myself earlier and haven’t stopped shaking since.

Just heartbreaking x

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Teresa, you need to get some serious support to help you understand how and why these decisions have been opted for. My neighbour, a lovely gentle soul, was sectioned last summer after a hypoxic brain injury caused him confusion and he repeatedly tried to abscond from the ward, becoming aggressive when detained.

After receiving the appropriate medication he was discharged and is now back to his usual benign self, though his wife was outraged and dreadfully upset until she understood that sectioning had been the safest option and the only way to ensure her man's treatment.

It looks like Kevin might be suffering psychotic episodes which isn't unheard of after disruption in normal brain function. And he may be better able to calm down and express himself rationally once the medics have stabilised his anxiety. But please use the link below to get some help in understanding more about Kevin's condition and getting support :-


You might be wisest to spend tomorrow doing something calming and restful before making the PALS call on Monday. You need to take your own health seriously too m'love. There's nothing you can do immediately so please take care of yourself first and foremost in order to cope with this stressful situation. Love & big hugs, Cat xx


Oh, I feel your worry and pain.

My partner also had to be removed from the family home because his mental and physical behaviour became so extreme and I was the target of most of it.

The best possible way to cope with this is to acknowledge that Kev is in an environment where they can cope with his needs. That level of support is not something his rehab team or you can provide as it's just so accute and specialised.

Even though Alan (my partner) couldn't accept it at the time, it was the best intervention possible as over the next few months he was given so much support from a neuropyschiatrist, psychotherapist, vocational OT, and his GP. All played an integral role in getting his mental health in check again and he grew to accept this and eventually embraced the support and started to get well. I was out of my depth and had to accept he was in the best hands possible. When I did, I started to sleep at night again.

Cat's right, you need support too. The trauma, emotional and physical exhaustion of seeing Kev go through this is major and it must be addressed. Definitely speak to PALS to get support and understanding about the process of Kev's sectioning.

Also speak to friends and family - try not to be alone too much at the moment.

May also be worth going along to your GP if you are feeling like it's all too much for your own head and heart to cope with.

And, of course, ring the Headway helpline and/or attend a local meeting just to keep in with a network of people who 'get it'. Immeasurably reassuring.

Take care. One half day at a time .x.




Hugs sent your way . I can’t help you but my thoughts and prayers are with you now . X


I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. It’s very difficult indeed to find yourselves in this situation - it’s uncharted territory and you must be feeling very lost. I’d echo what’s already been said in earlier replies. Try to get some support for yourself as well and some answers about why this has happened. Understanding what the medical reasons for the section are might help you to process what’s a very difficult situation. Sending you a hug. x

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Thoughts and prayers are with you. Please try if possible to get some rest. Thinking of you. Clare x


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