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Roald Dahl

Radio 4's Seriously podcast is an attempt to take Radio 4 programmes and give it a them a more friendly continuity announcer to get some younger folks listening to it. It works quite well.


This show is Sophie Dahl going over recordings of her grandfather the legendary children's (and adult's) author Roald Dahl.

Roald was a fighter pilot in the second world war but shot down over Tanzania giving him a head injury. He credits that with changing his brain enough to let creative feeling in and soon he was writing The Gremlins, a story about wee helpers of the RAF. (Popular culture took his idea of Germlins in many directions usually as un-helpful creatures.)

He had other instances of ABI in his life with his wife suffering a subarachnoid hemorrhage and his son had one too.

A fascinating story to a fascinating life.

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Just spotted your post Jonathan. Looks interesting...............will take a look tomorrow ! Thanks, Cat x


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