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Frontal lobes on fire

It feels like with my front lobe (alternating sides) or the inside of my skull has a buring sesnations and it is a nightmare trying to get hold of my gp I eventually got an appointment with my gp even though I was told yesterday they wont give me a next week appointment I called up today for an hour trying to get though and got told that all appointments in an hour were gone I explained the reason for the appointment was because I have been advised by the hospital to get my gp to sent a referral to the assessed and she gave me an appointment for Tuesday at 11 because she couldn't make the reffereal her self ...... its so frustrating but atleast I have an appointment just need to cope with this weird feeling that moved from my lobes to down the side of my face until then and ive been told that management are having a little shuffle which is another frustration

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Hope your feeeling better that sounds most unpleasant, when I just came out of hospital I did feel most odd, lots of stars and sometimes a tender brain for want of a better word, if I was over tired and being jolted around on the buses/taxi etc

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thank you it is very unpleasant and all i can do it stroke my or my head as I cant touch were its tingling I have a dr appointment on tuesday so ask if they can get me reffered to get reassessed but I dont understand why is it effcting my non injured right side but everything I explained they said was frontal lobe controlled and thankfully I have a friend who has known me since I was 13 from school that comes to all my appointments and I tell my uncle and he no doubt tells my mum as we still arent talking


Sometimes it’s just odd, I still don’t let the young trainees hairdressers try Head massages on me, I know the skull is as strong as it would be pre but it still lets me know it’s there so I’m anxious about people pressing! I’m well aware I’m being ridiculous!

Brains are just complicated beasts so it’s just best to think about symptoms rather than get bogged down in which area etc.


Yes me too. My head too sensitive for those hair dresser massages


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