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Post concussion 1 year later

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a lovely xmas.

Does anyone on here suffer from PCS? I am 1 year into recovery from TBI, and have suffered with PCS since. Out of nowhere last week it suddenly got worse and headaches, nausea, dizziness etc suddenly came back with a vengeance! Has anyone else experienced this? It’s very unsettling, I haven’t injured myself again, so why do I feel like I have gone back in time?!

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I'm 6 years on from a haemorrhage and still have issues including headaches/dizziness, especially when over-tired. I think with most brain injuries there are residual symptoms which we're often left to confront alone.

The dizziness can be addressed effectively with medication. But see your GP for a check up to rule out inner ear issues or other causes ; knowing your history he/she can prescribe something appropriate to relieve the symptom. Hopefully, addressing the dizziness will also relieve the nausea.

As for the headaches, I use Codeine but, again, see your GP for a meds review if they're becoming unmanageable. I hope you'll soon get the help you need. Cat x


I'm nearly 2 years with PCS. I occasionally get a set back if I end up doing too much. In the run up to Christmas it's easy to over do things. I also wonder if it's part of the healing process as it seems common to have a set back. All I can advise is to rest and let your body do its thing. It will pass.


Hi , this is just the post I wanted to submit . I had my sah last Jan , did really well now I have a permenant headache ( not severe) and just wondered if any one had things like this x


Hi, it is 18 months since I had a head injury and every so often I get bouts of nausea and dizziness, usually I cant see any obvious trigger. I damaged my inner ear and developed something called nystagmus, which affects my balance. The doctor at the dizzy clinic thought it could be caused by doing too much, travelling too much, rushing about - all too likely over Christmas - or from feeling a bit under the weather with a cold or an upset stomach, or not getting a good night's sleep (or too much chocolate, or too much salt, or too much red wine - but I ignore those 3 possible causes). Each time it happens I feel that I've gone back six months in my recovery. Unsettling is a very good word!

Hopefully you will gradually feel better again, and I agree with Cat you should ask your GP, depending on the cause of the dizziness medication may help.


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