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Post Encephalitis problem

I was diagnosed with a viral Encephalitis back in 2001, left me with a silly stutter and a few memory problems, I can recall things prior to being ill with some accuracy, but anything after??? Work and learning area is most affected. But I persevered up till four months ago, when things raised their ugly head. My stutter became so bad, I couldn't talk without 'flibberflobbing like 'bill n ben', I became confused too, and struggle to take anything in. I have been off work since, under investigation, had mri head scan this week, and waiting on a spect scan. But normally, in the past, if I brought things up in conversation with my gp or hospital doctors, it seems to me, that if they can't fix it, they ain't interested.

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Exactly, I get that oh dear that's not easy to live with look too.

Hi Jake, sorry for not introducing myself. I had viral encephalitis in 2012 and was unable to return to work. We are very lucky a high proportion of viral encephalitis sufferers die.

My husband was told if I lived they thought I would be in a permanent vegetative state.

Luckily not the case but in any one week I may only have 3 'good' days.

If you are battling a cold or other illness that may bring you low then symptoms may return.

I spent 5 days in hospital earlier this year for observation because they were worried I was suffering from it again but no ' just a virus'.

Take care

Janet xx


Hi Janet

I know what you mean...My world has been turned upside down with it, I've just had six months off work with problems... started with an inability to speak (dysarthria), then I was found in a confused state, covered in mud and blood where I had waded through flooding footpaths on a walk...Doctor was called, and I waited over five months for scan results (MRI and SPECT) to say there is nothing wrong other than a bit of prefrontal cortex (age related)...Then as well I had over 16 apnea's a night, lost my drivers licence and ended up with a cpap machine oh hum, and my wife left me at the same time good eh?


I have to agree with your last sentence, sorry to say that but I'm not entirely chuffed with the NHS stroke service in this part of the world.

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Theres no great call, like for either heart or cancer concerns.


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