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Settled down

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After posting last week about my dad being the worst he has ever been, I am please to say that the last couple three days, he has really settled down. He has been sleeping a little better, and the aggression has died down too.

This has happened without and change in medication either, which makes me think every now and then the chemicals in his brain change or something and needs few days to settle. Whatever the reason is, I am not complaining as life is so much easier.

Hopefully, things stay this way, and us, and his poor brain can have a rest 😊

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This will be such a helpful post for newbies as it shows how the brain can make such a leap in recovery, even when the signs are bleak.

I hope your dad's progress continues Devaiur and that there are even better days ahead for you & your family. Cat x

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Devaiur59 in reply to cat3

Thankyou so much x

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