Hi yah'll been on this site from July 2016 but only decided to interact now. My name is Sharon and am from Dromore. I am single and have grown up family and grandchildren who I love very much.

Been fighting and living with my illness (IIH) also known as BIH for 17 years now and also sinus thrombosis in my brain left over from a small stroke.

Am looking to interact and meet people who also have brain conditions/injuries etc.. pop by say hello.

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  • Hello! Nice to meet you. Chat any time you like


  • hello!

  • Hello Sharon,

    Just read your story, well done for being brave and posting. Sending you a big hug in case you need one x

  • Welcome Sharon. Hope you'll feel at home here. I joined 5 years ago and still call in every day for my fix of sanity and the occasional dose of humour.

    See you again soon I hope............. Cat x

  • Hello!

  • Hi I've had an ischemic stroke and carotid dissection.

    Hope you're doing ok.

  • Hi Sharin, welcome :) it's good to meet you x

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