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Benefits etc

FAO fellow DWP battlers:

I had an appointment with welfare rights, who work under the NHS, last week which I was advised to do after scoring zero on a PIP assessment as a TBI survivor who can't return to work.

I sat, with my mother, in a quiet office and discussed my current different way of living with an advisor. The conversation followed the theme of the PIP assessment and notes were taken. As some people will already know, this atmosphere is a much better environment to discuss matters which, frankly, we don't want to be talking about. Maybe that's where the problem lies; how do you fight for what you don't want to be entitled too?

Anyway, the lovely lady told me at the end that I was entitled to enhanced payments and that she will be writing to DWP. She says I will then either have to go to tribunal, or I might "sneak through as one of the lucky ones", but I will get what she says I'm entitled to. The professionals know what people are entitled to and they don't have monthly/yearly targets to meet, like DWP. Unfortunately, the extra fences this creates still need to be jumped by the entitled ones, but if you have a seasoned jockey on board, it's a smoother ride to the finishing line. I recommend using the welfare rights service to any body struggling getting what they're entitled to. It shouldn't have to be hard. I found the contact number for my local service online 😊

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