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Pride of Britain awards

A BI group I go to has been nominated for a pride of Britain award. It has been set up by a guy called Paul who got attacked on a night out which led to him getting BI. To cut long story short he's struggled with near enough everything mind related 2 to 3 years from injury had depression, had to give his job up, couldn't remember his past (not sure if he still has problems with this or not) he has wrote in detail about his recovery on Facebook and set up a brain injury group to help people going through the same. 5years on he has come through it stronger. He runs marathons to raise money for BI regularly visits the hospital he was in to support others going through same as he did.

To think what he's been through and what he's achieved through it is amazing. I only met him a few month back and can honestly say he is one of the nicest people you could meet. His charity is nominated for a pride of Britain award this year. They are going to be doing some filming with the charity next Thursday. I know it's not me up for the award but I am so pleased for the group it is so well deserved. I think the fact it was someone's fault that this guy got BI makes what he's achieved better as it would of been so easy for him to let it ruin his life yet he's been the one who has avoided feeling anger and bitterness towards the guy who his him even when others understandably did resent the guy who hit him.

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Good on him. Maybe it will generate some better recognition for all of us with BI. Dave


Yea that's what he's hoping. It's through him struggling to get support after BI that gave him idea to set this group up. Sad to hear what he's been through and how he's struggled but he's made some good come from it. Good thing is he now is happy he got BI cos it's allowed him to achieve so much that he wouldn't of achieved before BI.


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