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Missing Cat

Hi everyone, hope your all good, I've not been on for a while been busy decorating, finally managed to finish my kitchen, took me twice as long and made few mistakes, but it's done. I have noticed our good friend cat seems to have disappeared, she was always there to offer good and knowledgable advice, Cat if your reading this hope you are well, and is missed xx

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I second that emotion!


Thanks Andy............x


Hi Alice. Thanks so much for your kind words. I've been borrowing someone else's device if/when possible so not been looking in on the forum much.

But I'm still having problems getting replies to 'send' ; tried several times but just lost a long reply to you ! I'll get back to you when I can m'dear. Well done with the decorating BTW !

Thanks again Alice (see you soon I hope).............love Cat xx


Good to hear from you. I too was wondering how you were.


Thanks for that Sca ! Hope you're doing OK. xx

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Glad to hear from you cat, was getting worried, your missed because you always have good and wise advise, take care love Alice xx


Thanks again Alice ; still having a few problems but I WILL sort it eventually. (Don't like this Apple machine I'm borrowing intermittently but better than nothing !)

Hope you're feeling OK. Love Cat xx


Thanks Alibong

Not being a daily visitor to this site I had only just really noticed Cat was absent without leave! Thank you for your post.

Hey Cat glad to hear it is computer problems you are having and not health issues. Yes you are missed and look forward to when you are back and PC rubbish stuff sorted. Will be delighted when you are back up and running . In the meantime take care of you and thinking of you and your computer!

Clare x


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