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AVM with everything else thrown in with it 👺

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October 2016 had aneurysm had it glued then had post op stroke in cerebellum and then had fluid on brain had evd fitted came out of hospital end November 16 then in December developed crps in my left wrist and hand which has left me with stiffness unable to bend fingers and wrist up finding new life hard on antidepressants and pregablin that helps anxiety I'm 38 I've had to learn to walk talk and balance issues I still have plus funny feeling in my head it's clear to say I hate life ATM I'm married with 3 children age 7,13,20

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HI 831fivepence. I also have an AVM but mine is untreated currently. I have known about it for around 20 years but due to its location treatment is risky. I also had a stroke mimic last year. I'm so sorry to hear about your problems.

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