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9 days post op

Hi everyone.

After an agonising 18 month wait and scans/investigations I have 3 'new' anyeurysms. I had the larger one clipped on the 14/08 and discharged home on the 21/08 after a successful and uncomplicated op. I have headaches but that's to be expected but I was wondering if anyone has experience of excruciating pain in their low back and sharp pains down their legs. These pains occur mainly when I stand up or readjust my position and it takes my breath away and I can barely stand when they happen. They last a few seconds.

My GP told me it is due to lying down for a long period post op and blood pooling in my lumbar region. But the pain only starting 5 days post op and is getting worse.

Has anyone else experienced this. I've googled it but can't find anything.


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Were you given support socks post op? Do you have any stiffness or solidity anywhere? Just thinking DVT...


Yes I was given socks and also some inflatable things that massaged my legs for 3 days after Also. DVT did cross my mind. I've seen a GP since who used to work in neuro and he said it may be blood in my spinal fluid. It has eased up over the past 2 days so fingers crossed it continues . Thanks for relying


Hi. Sorry to hear about your condition. You are going through a lot... The only treatments that works for me is craniosacral therapy. It seems that you may have a nerve pinched somewhere, or a blockage. It could be in your neck, middle back, lower back. Hope this helps.

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