Woke up

I am so happy I just wanted to share this. My partner, who had a tbi 16 weeks ago, has woke up in the hospital this morning and said, where am I :-) . After all these weeks in pta its like he's suddenly woke up. We were having conversation, him asking questions and me answering, still sometimes quiet but I was able to understand more. I know he still has a long way to go, but this is amazing, for both of us.

Sorry for the long waffling, but had to share :-) x

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  • Wonderful. things will get better week by week.

  • Thank you :-) I'm feeling so happy, its like a huge leap and breakthrough x

  • Brilliant news!

  • thats awesome news! keep us posted when you can

  • Fantastic xxxx


  • Brilliant news Sue ; you must be pinching yourself !

    I hope your partner continues to make progress & goes from strength to strength. 😄 Cat x

  • Thank you Cat :-) . He's also had his plates put in to replace his skull and so far all looks good, now its waiting for the bed in rehab. X

  • The cranioplasty is another really significant step isn't it.............there'll be a further period of waiting whilst your man progresses but, oh boy, you've finally made it to the starting point ! I'm so happy for you both.

    Please keep the updates coming. 🌅 xx

  • It's almost like having the plates in, has suddenly perked him up :-) x

  • Neurological....psychological...coincidental ?

    ...........you might never know. But whatever was at work, let's hope there's plenty more to come ! 👌 x

  • Fantastic stuff, I'm assuming it should get easier from here!

  • Fingers crossed, but I'm sure it will still have ups and downs and we'll get through those too :-)

  • So pleased for you, its the start of good things to come .

  • Thank you mrslovely :-) . X

  • Hi Sue, so happy to hear this! Such good news.

    I'm glad he's got his plate in as well. That will reduce some of the worry as he starts to do full rehab. Good luck with the rehab placement.

    Take care Jude xx

  • fantastic news

  • Great news!!☺☺

  • Ah that's great news to read this morning! Baby steps is the way forward! Very pleased for you both! xx

  • Thank you peaches2 :-) x

  • You are right to be happy. It's great to hear a good positive story on this forum for a change. :-D

  • This was me 2 years ago today. In a coma for two, a cranioplasty later and I was up and trying to talk. Although, I had a breathing tube down my throat for a while so my vocal folds and to heal. But I am So happy that your partner is waking up! They will be in my prayers! Should be all downhill from here. :)

  • Lol downhill in a good way I take it :-) . His voice is still a bit up and down, but he had the tube down a while too.

  • Haha, yep that is exactly what I meant. I had the tube for almost 3 weeks, which is why nobody could understand me when they took it out...it damaged by vocal chords. His voice should come back soonish...took me about 3-4 weeks after they took out the ventilator and I had a Trachea as well put in...for an air way. That scar in my neck healed up just fine.

  • I'd like to echo all the good wishes expressed here. 16 weeks to you will seem like yesterday to your husband. I only lost 2 weeks in Intensive care when I had my SAH but when I came round it just felt like the next day. Look after him and yourself.

  • I'm definitely doing my best with both :-)

  • What a wonderful positive post to read...thank you so much for sharing and wishing you all the very very best

  • So lovely to hear such wonderful news, Good things can happen. x

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