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A week in London!

Well here I am In London for a 7 day NLP course!

Question 1 - how will I take my naps? Usually 3 a day! I think I will need to practise sleeping on a toilet at the hotel!! Urgh!

Question 2 - Will I retain the information? Hopefully because Richard Bandler just sort of hypnotises you to learn. It's amazing!

Question 3 - How the hell will I last seven days? Well i'm going to bloody well try and prove I can do it!

I'll let you know how I get on. This is a big step in my life and I hope it pays off!

PS - Headway are brilliant! Love them all xx

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Good luck Shaun. Hope you'll manage to relax into the course and enjoy learning new skills. Keep us updated ! xx

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I hope you manage to get through. I'm interested to know how you get on.

Sue x

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Thanks! i fell asleep on the shoulder of the lady next to me around 10.30am! She was ok about it and we had a drink and a bite to eat afterwards! I managed to nap twice in a quiet area they found for me. I told the organisers i had a BI and needed to nap and they were very accommodating. Exhausted now though! night x


I went on a couple of shamanic healing courses 6 -12 months after my accident and needed a place to nap. Let us know how you get on.



Failed today and left at lunch having taken in zero 😩 Just woke up! Heigh ho. Try again tomorrow x


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