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Time to say hello!

Hi from me. I've been a 'silent' reader/ occasional replier for a little while now. Thank you to all that have posted and to all that have replied as you have all helped me along the way. So, what prompted me to post for the first time.....watching a programme on TV and someone said that many people are consumed thinking about what they have done compared with what they could have done. I realised that this is me post BI but definitely not before. Does this resonate with anyone?

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Not sure I quite understand do you mean feeling you,ve missed out on something? I.e. Not gone out etc? The missing out gene?


Hello, nice to meet you.

Nah, what's done is done, no point in dwelling. Live for the now, you CAN change that...

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Hi and welcome ,if a bit late, to the forum.

I did go through a phase of "what could I have done differently"?.

I would take a wild guess and say that people whose brain injury is down to an accident are more likely to obsessed this way unless there is definitely someone else to blame.

Love n hugs


Hello there and welcome!

I went through a phase of "what I could have been" but I agree with BaronC.. what is done is done... live for the now and enjoy the little things. sunshine on your face... a new shoot peeping through in the garden.. be kind to yourself.



I am firmly in the "if you can't change it, try to learn from it and move on" camp... ;)


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