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Action for Brain Injury Week: A New Me

Hi everyone,

We're excited to launch our A New Me campaign as part of this year's ABI Week.

We've put brain injury survivors and their loved ones at the heart of the campaign, and have put together a wide range of materials to help raise awareness of the reality of life after brain injury, and the new sense of self that can emerge.

A big thank you to all of our members for getting involved and sharing your thoughts and experiences!

Here is a list of some of the things we're releasing this week, so please comment, share and get involved...

'But you don't look disabled...'

We've put together a video highlighting the well-meaning but frustrating comments that people with brain injury frequently face, and you can read the 'Top 10 things not to say to someone with a brain injury' article on our website: headway.org.uk/news/nationa...

Brain injury creates a 'new person', research finds

We've released the results of our survey which explored the concept of 'a new me', showing that around three-quarters of respondents felt like a new person after brain injury.

You can read the full results on our website: headway.org.uk/news/nationa...

Creative works

What a great response we've had to our call for creative works around the 'A New Me' theme! Thank you to everyone who's contributed, we'll be adding more and sharing them throughout the week.

Explore the gallery at headway.org.uk/get-involved...

And if you're feeling inspired, you can submit your own work at headwayuk.wufoo.eu/forms/xq...


Brain injury survivor and ex-journalist Will Perringwood is touring the country with his wife Amy, interviewing other brain injury survivors and their family members about how their condition affects them, and the meaning of the phrase 'a new me'.

We'll be posting an episode of their fantastic podcast every day this week, so keep checking our website to listen to the latest interview: headway.org.uk/get-involved...

Hats for Headway Day

No ABI Week would be complete without a chance to have fun on Friday with Hats for Headway Day.

All you have to do is wear a hat for the day in return for a donation to Headway UK or your local group or branch. Don't forget to get your friends, family and colleagues involved!

The best hat photo will win a Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo coffee machine - just share on social media using #HatsForHeadway or submit it to us through our website: headway.org.uk/get-involved...

Will you be getting involved?

Let us know your plans for the week in the comments section, and once again a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to this campaign!

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Referring to what you shouldn't say to a brain injury survivor. When someone says "I knew a person with a brain injury and they are fine".

I have a friend who I met back in school.

He had asked me questions before about my injury like why I couldn't do this and why I couldn't do that and even asked some questions about my surgery.

Then one day he said he knew someone who had a brain tumour also in exactly the same position as my one and this person has no weak muscles and can run around and play football.

To that I say "Woop-de-doo... Good for him but the thing is we are all different people at the end of the day and brain injuries affect us differently as well".


I think the video was excellent.. made me want to have a cup of tea and a chat with folks there1.

someone once said to me " ooh you have a great excuse to do all sorts of odd things now and get away with it.....you could just say that you had become eccentric "

Sometimes it would be useful if we could carry a custard pie around with us to deal with eejits!

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