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Feeling thankful

I wanted to say thanks, to everyone who have posted on my messages, you have all helped on my journey with a brain injury. It's three months since the bleed on the brain, and I thought my world was over, your support and encouragement have meant a lot. I go back to work tomorrow, feel very apprehensive but looking forward to it, my bald patch remains the same, and I will be following the tips given ie carrying notepad, I know it's not going to be easy, but neither is living with a brain injury, and you are all amazing, I wish you all well Alice xx

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Well done to you! Getting back to work in such a short time is great. Hope it goes well.



Good for you, but take it slowly. I hope your employers let you have a slow phased return to work.

Sue x


Hi Alice you go and knock their socks off, just go at your own pace. I know a lot of lovely people on here have given you great advice and tips so your armed and ready. Don't be embarrassed by your bald patch, that's your war wound and shows your a survivor xx

Let us know how you get on xx ;-)


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