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Speech therapy

Does anyone have any advice about how to obtain private speech therapy and the costs involved in the east Lancashire area? My mother in law was knocked down 6 months ago and against all odds survived. She is still in a 'rehab hospital' but the NHS have given up on her as she is not progressing fast enough. She has suffered severe cognitive damage. We are still waiting for her to have the cranioplasty to replace part of her skull. They want to discharge her into a nursing home asap. She is trying to talk but cannot form many words. We have heard some words like please, thankyou, no, yes,it doesn't matter. A few days ago she said 'i just want to walk' She is peg fed but is now slowly starting to feed herself. The defendants solicitor is refusing to provide any upfront rehab costs, despite them likely to eventually lose the case. We do not want to give up on her. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Please phone the Headway helpline Caroline on 0808 800 2244 for advice on speech therapy. The helpline is usually open during office hours but might be closed today owing to holidays. Calls are free . Meanwhile I've copied a couple of links for you to take a look at below:-



If you Google 'Speech therapy in Lancashire' you'll find several more links which might provide some useful information.

I'm so sorry to hear of your mum-in-law's plight ; please accept my best wishes for her continuing improvement. I hope you'll manage to find the information and support you need.

All best wishes, Cat x


Thanks for the links..i will have a look


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