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Morning all, after a tough week I posted a message yesterday voicing my frustration and feeling of physical and mental exhaustion. I wanted to say thank you to all amazing people on here that replied offering support or empathising with my situation.

I wanted to say to all the carer's on the forum your all amazing unsung heroes. You have a tremendous weight on your shoulders, your everything to your families. But never forget you are important, whether its half an hour sat with a coffee in the garden or having pamper time or going to a group, do it and don't feel guilty its important to have some me time which allows you to recharge.

To everyone struggling with a bi, its cruel, confusing, frustrating and gives you so much to deal with that it can feel overwhelming. You can feel like you don't recognise yourselves anymore, but your still you inside.

Sorry for my little speech I just wanted to say thank you and say how I feel and what I hear and observe. Anyway your all amazing ☆★☆★☆

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Thank you Angie, you're amazing too :)


Thank you :-)


U always know the right thing to say 😘❤️ xxx


Just like to think I might be able to help someone xx hope you try the list with your husband xx

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Is it just me who's thinking of that episode of Dad's Army? "Your name shall also go on ze list!!"


No you got me there lol xx


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