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Burning brain

Hi u lot.as told u my brain bin on fire 6yrs .dotor gave me vitamins .4 days now wiv out eny burning. It's still there but it's on paurs. Fingers crossed I get more days out pain 6yrs long time .so much damage it's done.but talking to others on ear and other weeb sites .really as helped me.just taking on day at time . laminate 100mg a day as helped to was on 50mg but still brain on fire .taking 100 a day I fink as helped wiv vitamins.hope this as helped the burning brainers stay strong keep carm .it helps .candy

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Good to hear you're getting some relief now Candy............and long may it continue ! I hope you'll start to get some quality of life at last.

Really please for you m'dear. Cat x

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About time a .thank u cat.hope yr well .xxxxcandy


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