Finally completed my leaflet work. Took me a while as I can only manage 2 hours a day and cannot do more than 2 days in a row. Feels good to have completed it but I wouldn't do it again as I don't have the physical energy I had in my 20's. Hoping I can get some support with work through Headway, starting somewhere on a voluntary basis now I feel I'd prefer to tell an employer 'I've had a head injury'. Before I kept it a secret! Also trying to get into a routine of making a copy of my posts as they seem to disappear quite a lot.

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  • ....but at least you managed to do, well done. I think maybe the answer is to try many things and see what you can actually do without making yourself exhausted or ill. That could lead to a new direction for looking for work.

  • Thank you. I arranged to go to Headway today but I feel so exhausted with getting my son off to nursery on time that I don't think I can manage the journey and the hour of sitting there. I feel terribly guilty about that!

  • Don't feel guilty - you know your body and what you can and cannot do. I think coping with a toddler is enough for anyone with a bi without trying to do anything else.

    Sit and have a rest whilst you can!

  • Thank you so much- think I will go to Headway next week as I have no leafleting to hold me back. Bit gutted about it as I think I barely scraped the minimum wage in as it took me so long!!!

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